Using Wax Melts

Using Wax Melts


Scented wax melts are a popular alternative to candles. While candles are not going anywhere soon (They're as old as time), Wax melts are entering our homes at a growing rate. There are many reasons for this; they are considered cleaner, safer and versatile.  and many apartment complexes do not allow candles. They're also cheaper than buying quality candles.


​​Always use an approved wax warmer designed specifically for the job
 Aside from safety, wax warmers will maintain a steady warmth. They're designed specifically for the job and can generate just enough heat to simply keep the wax melted, while allowing the fragrance to slowly dissipate.

There are a ton of warmer styles to suit any home décor making them a picturesque option.

​Choose your warmer type; Traditional one's have heat generated by a small unscented candle, such as a tea light. Newer versions use a light bulb for warmth. Each just as effective and plenty warm enough to melt wax. Use your personal preference, and research for safety issues. Either way, all wax warmers need supervision).

The fragrance should last 8 hours (as long as you don't let yourself get nose blind).

If you're not using your warmer for long periods simply shut the heat off, the wax will cool and harden ready for use the next time.

Quick Tips...

If you want to try a different scent; you can pour the wax back in the original container for future use. As long as the wax has maintained a low heat, and not hotter than 150° , (This can cause the plastic package to warp and melt).

If you want to discard old wax; Either pour back in package, and when cool throw in trash, or pour into an old container that's destined for the trash anyway.

Wipe the warmer tray with a paper towel and discard in the trash.


NEVER Pour wax down sinks, drains or toilet etc.

Be careful not to get wax on skin, as irritation may occur.


Scent Throw

​You may prefer a not so strong, softer scent. Or you may have a smaller room (such as a bathroom). In that case start with half a wax cube and add if you need more.

​You may prefer a stronger scent, especially towards the end of a melt’s life, or you have a larger living space; go ahead and add a second cube.


Get creative

Design your own combinations. Try different scents together to create something unique. Lavender and Honeysuckle? Chocolate and Vanilla? Apple and Pumpkin? The combinations are literally endless, that's a flexibility you won’t get in a candle!

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