We're Old Hat! 

Bringing a love for traditional scents.

We aim for great fragrance throws with high concentrations of good quality scents.


The more realistic the scent... The happier we are!


Our Wax

Our wax melts are made with soy wax specifically formulated to hold and throw lasting fragrances.

Soy is sustainable and domestically grown in the USA (Supporting American farm workers).
100% soy... We do not blend with other waxes.  
Soy is softer with a lower melting point than traditional paraffin. This results in an easier and quicker clean-up. (And easier to switch out scents in your warmer). 


      We use fragrance oils designed especially for use in candle and wax melts. They blend well within the wax and are infused throughout the whole product.  They are synthetic and naturally based and formulated with years of research behind them. They throw great, vibrant and realistic scents. We purchase our fragrance oils from only two American companies.



      We add vegetable-based dyes to color the wax melts. Some melts do not contain dye such as Spring Cotton, Smokey Fires and Vanilla, (Just to name a few).  They remain the natural ivory white color of soy.


      Sourcing Our Ingredients 

      As with the wax and other ingredients, we look for companies with a strong history and decades behind their products. These companies specialize in supplying to candle makers, are transparent with their materials and stand behind the safety of their products. Where possible materials are sourced from the United States (There are some global components, however purchased from American companies).


      Satisfaction Guarantee

      We completely understand if you're hesitant because you can't smell them first. Our items are unique to us and there is no store where you can smell them before coming online to order. So please buy with confidence! If the fragrance is not for you.... just reach out for a return.


      "I hope you enjoy your melts as much as I love making them!"

      Melanie Grodzicki

      Owner/ Maker