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3 Pack | Calming Lavenders

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Three pack scented soy wax melts. Calming Lavenders.

Beautiful lavender blends to calm, relax and slow down the hustle and bustle.

Get one each of:

Lavender: A generations old fragrance that always offers a natural calming effect.

Lavender and Vanilla: Traditional lavender blends with a softening, creamy backdrop.

Lavender Rose: A fresh rose blend adding a lively summer feel to your lavender collection.

For use in approved wax warmers. Always follow the directions and safety labels on your warmer.

Each six cube pack contains Approx. 2.8 oz. net wt. wax (This listing contains a total of 18 cubes/ total net wt. approx. 8.4 oz. wax.

Break 1 to 2 cubes into your warmer. (Amount depends on your warmer size, type, room size and desired intensity).

Hand poured in small batches (and often made to order) color shades may vary.

This item does not contain paraffin. Soy Is domestically grown and processed. Sustainable, renewable and biodegradable.  Learn more...